A few years back a WALL STREET JOURNAL article highlighted a “new” practice that BrenMar has been using with its students for over fifteen years. 

The article that caught my eye was “B-Schools Know How You Think, but How Do you Feel?” (WSJ, 5/1/13). It is no big surprise that the best schools are testing applicants in order to measure emotional intelligence. The idea is to identify what they consider to be the top talent and screen applicants for traits that might predict success. This is another piece of the application process that is being used in what is now a tremendously competitive college admissions industry. 

Assessment tools can work for both sides of the college admissions process. BrenMar has utilized the Myers-Briggs and Strong Interest assessments since day one in order to help our students better understand their strengths and determine schools that would be the best fit for them. These assessments tell us a lot about the student and can help determine traits to accentuate in his/her applications. 

This falls in line with our overall continuing philosophy that the best college decisions and acceptance successes are made after evaluating solid, relevant data. BrenMar can help provide you with clear self- knowledge and awareness through continued use of tools as the Myers/Briggs and others as well, in order to refine and communicate these strengths. Contact us!


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