Success Stories
Hi Brenda,

This is a photo of Stuart just before the Brewer Senior Prom last weekend. Stu will attend College of William & Mary this fall, majoring in Government. We have been very pleased with the support you have provided Stu and our family over the past year. Your advice has been “spot on”. Interestingly, after you completed your initial student profile on our son, W & M was one of the schools you recommended as a great fit. Although we wandered all over the landscape looking at schools, Stu wound up right where you thought he should be. Thanks again. Our 15 year old daughter will be looking for your assistance two years from now, you may be assured! 


Hi Brenda

I just wanted to thank you for all of your guidance through Erica’s college application process- From making sure Erica sent her AP scores, to telling us she can re-schedule the May SAT, to encouraging her to re-take the SAT, to suggesting her short essay topic, to helping her figure out which SAT subject tests to take and the list goes on… I feel you were instrumental in helping her get into the college of her dreams!!  Thank you so very much!!  

-  Sandy

Our initial comments would be that you provide a terrific service both to the parents and potential college bound student.

1) For the parent you remove the emotion out of the process and keep everyone focused on the task at hand.

2) For the student, you serve as the third party catalyst that gets the student or child thinking about the future. God forbid kids would listen to the parents who know so little.

In some cases you provide valuable reinforcement to the child, in other cases for the parent who has no idea what the process is.

In either case the service is valuable, important and a service that is needed.

–Paul & Ann 

" I thought you would like to see one of your clients who: 1) has graduated in four years from the College he started at (Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, with a concentration in Sports Management) and 2) has already enrolled at Springfield College for graduate coursework beginning in the Fall that will hopefully lead to a Master's degree in Exercise Science - with the ultimate goal of being a Strength and Conditioning Coach at a Division 1 College or University.

Another success story for Brenmar Associates."

Mike (Ryan's proud Dad)

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Hard work, perserverance and BrenMar's help led to graduation at Western New England!
Hi Brenda,
… I am finishing up my last semester here at McGill and I am in the process of applying to some grad schools for aerospace engineering. I am writing some  letters of intent and it just reminded me of how helpful you were when I went through this process in high school. I figured I would write you a little  e-mail telling you how great you are so you can post it on your website in a testimonial… thanks again for your help way back when, as I probably would have missed deadlines and written about fish in all my essays. 


Quinnipiac is a great school and BrenMAr can help with your application and essay.
Davidson College - SAT and essays are crucial and BrenMar can help.
Matt did everything right!
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